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Wellness from the heart of the Dolomites

The primordial power of crystals & herbs

The Dolomites are home to mythical legends and spiritual places of power. In particular, the Fanes mountain range is renowned for its legends. The many coral reefs, which evolved over millions of years from the primordial ocean into the Dolomites, the energy stored in the minerals of the rock and the extensive roots of the mountain pines and Swiss stone pines growing there make up an area blessed with positive energy.


The magic of Fanes

Guests at Hotel Corona can experience this energy for themselves, bundled from all the interacting components. A full-body treatment with crystals, oils and herbs is offered. Natural stones made of dolomite and herbs such as angelica, pine and clove root are combined with the scent of resins and woods, reviving the magical world of Fanes.