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The history of Hotel Corona

A historical building with charm

Welcome to Hotel Corona: a historic gem nestled in the breathtaking Dolomites. The history of our establishment dates back to 1505, when it was built by Giovanni da Ras, a knight and nobleman, on behalf of the Sonnenburg Monastery. Originally, the building served as an administrative and judicial seat for the surrounding lands.

In 1774, the building was converted into an inn and quickly became a popular meeting place for the local population. Here, stories were told, friendships were forged, and local dishes were enjoyed, which continue to enrich our menus to this day. For over 120 years, the Corona has been owned by our family, who are dedicated to hospitality with passion and devotion. As hoteliers by vocation, we continue the legacy of our ancestors and welcome guests from around the world.

Over the past two decades, we have lovingly transformed the property into a contemporary wellness hotel that blends the charm of its history with modern comfort. Here, guests can not only experience the beauty of the Dolomites but also find relaxation and rejuvenation in our wellness area. The Corona is more than just a hotel; it is a place where history comes alive and tradition meets innovation. We invite you to become part of this fascinating story and to experience unforgettable moments in our establishment.