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Sustainable hotel

The Global Council for Sustainable Tourism (GSTC) is the organization that establishes and manages worldwide standards for sustainable travel and tourism, known as the GSTC criteria. GSTC certification is a respected recognition given to destinations and businesses that strictly adhere to the GSTC criteria. This certification demonstrates a concrete commitment to sustainability, both in environmental and social matters.

As conscious travelers, you play a crucial role in promoting sustainable tourism. By choosing destinations and tourist services with GSTC certification, you become advocates for sustainability. Every choice you make contributes to preserving natural beauty, supporting local cultures, and creating long-term positive impacts.


From Provider to Table

Our Commitment to High-Quality and Sustainable Products

In every aspect of our service, we strive to offer you only the best. From farm to table, we take care of every detail to ensure fresh and high-quality products from sustainable and local sources. We have close relationships with our local farmers who passionately cultivate fields and care for animals. The result of this collaboration is evident in the products we serve. Fresh milk from Mila dairy, Alpe Praga jam, golden honey from the family apiary, and free-range eggs from Ausluger—all sourced from local agriculture—convey the authentic taste of our region. Sustainability is at the heart of all our efforts. We carefully select suppliers who share our environmental values. In addition to regional delights, we are committed to offering a range of organic products that rely on methods preserving natural resources and minimizing environmental impacts. Furthermore, we offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes. Our kitchen team is always ready to accommodate special requests and considers allergies, intolerances, or dietary needs for personal or religious reasons.

Electricity from the Local Power Plant, 100% Green

Our CHP plants are at the heart of our energy strategy. Through this innovative system, we produce electrical and thermal energy simultaneously. This allows us to optimise energy efficiency and minimise waste, resulting in higher energy efficiency with lower energy consumption.

The Magic of Fanes –

Natural Body Treatment

Developed exclusively for us in collaboration with Monica Grundmann (an expert in stone therapy), this treatment uses natural Dolomite stones, natural herbal oils, and combines them with scents of woods and resins from Fanes. The Fanes Dolomite massage oil was developed exclusively for our hotel.


Active Support: Local Associations and Community Initiatives
We believe that supporting the community is crucial for the growth and well-being of all. Therefore, we are proud to support local associations such as the music band, volunteer fire department, sports clubs, and the parish community. Through financial contributions and volunteer work during festivities and events, we work hand in hand with those who make our community a special place.

Local Craft Collaborations: Supporting Excellence Within Reach
Our decisions reflect our philosophy. For recent renovation projects, we chose to collaborate with local businesses and craftsmen. This decision not only allows us to ensure the quality of our work but also supports local craftsmanship and the economy of our region.

Furniture with a Second Life: Commitment to Sustainability
Our commitment to sustainability is also reflected in our furniture management. We never discard intact furniture but strive to give it a second life. When we no longer need them, we donate them so that they can find a new purpose and a new home.

Ladin Culture: Discovering and Sharing Our Identity
We take pride in our Ladin culture and want to share it with you. By incorporating local dishes into our daily menus, we invite you to discover the authentic flavors of our region. We also organize guided tours to introduce you to the peculiarities of our region, from history to traditions. When you choose to be our guest, you become part of our commitment to building a stronger community and a richer culture. Your presence enables us to support projects and initiatives that leave a positive impact locally.

Supporting the Local Community: Our Mission to Enrich Cultural Heritage
In our establishment, we are proud to make a difference not only for our guests but also for our local community. Our commitment to cultural projects and valuable initiatives reflects our dedication to building a strong and supportive environment.

Explore Beauty Without Limits: Sustainable Mobility in St. Vigil
Welcome to St. Vigil, a place where mobility and sustainability come together in a unique way. Nestled in the mountains, our village offers a mobility concept that respects the environment and allows you to experience authenticity without relying on your own car.

A Pass for Mobility: The Holidaypass
To make your stay even more enjoyable, we provide you with the Holidaypass. This pass grants you free access to public transportation in South Tyrol, enabling you to explore the region conveniently and sustainably. Simply inquire at the reception, and you will receive the key to unlimited discoveries.

Hikes and Bike Paths at Your Doorstep
For hiking and biking enthusiasts, St. Vigil is a true paradise. Numerous hiking trails and bike paths start right at the door of our hotel. You are invited to explore untouched trails and feel the authentic heart of the mountains beneath your feet.

Ski Slopes Within Reach
Even in winter, sustainable mobility is an integral part of your experience. You can reach the ski slopes on foot directly from our ski room, without the need for complicated journeys. This allows you to immediately access the modern Kronplatz ski area.


Grander Water

Throughout the entire hotel, water is revitalized according to Johann Grander's methods. It tastes like fresh spring water, keeps food fresher for longer, and enhances the natural flavors of food and drinks.

In our pursuit of sustainability, we care for precious resources like water. All faucets are equipped with water flow regulators. We have introduced this practice not only to save but also to promote a conscious approach to water consumption. Did you know that an open faucet can waste approximately 60 liters of water in just 5 minutes?

LED Bulbs and Motion Sensors
Lighting plays a crucial role in our guests' experience. Therefore, we use LED bulbs for our light sources wherever possible. Additionally, many rooms are equipped with motion sensors that detect the presence of people and adjust the lighting accordingly to avoid unnecessary energy consumption. This intelligent technology ensures that lights are only on when needed, saving energy.

Smart Control: Energy Optimization
Our commitment to energy efficiency is reflected in our ability to optimize energy. Advanced control devices allow us to monitor energy flow in real-time. If consumption increases inappropriately, the system can automatically intervene to regulate or even stop the energy flow for certain machines. This proactive approach allows us to keep energy consumption under control without compromising guest comfort.

Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement
The conscious use of energy is a goal we never shy away from. We will continue to seek innovative ways to further reduce our ecological footprint and invest in technologies that bring us closer to a fully sustainable energy system.

The Power of the Sun:

Solar Energy for a Brighter Future

Furthermore, we are proud to utilize solar energy as a renewable energy source. Our solar panels capture the energy of the sun and convert it into clean electricity. This sustainable energy source helps us reduce our CO2 footprint and contributes to generating clean energy.

Electricity from the Local Power Plant, 100% Green
The additional electricity we need is supplied by the local power plant and is certified as 100% green.

The entire building has been thermally insulated, and all windows have been replaced in recent years and adapted to the latest standards.

A Step Towards Sustainable Energy

Our Commitment to Energy Autonomy

In our establishment, our environmental commitment also extends to how we manage energy. We are proud that a significant portion of our energy is generated from sustainable sources, contributing to reducing our environmental footprint.

Product Delivery via Community Transport

Reducing Transport Emissions

To reduce the environmental impact of product deliveries, we have developed an efficient transport strategy. Our products are delivered via community transport no more than twice a week. This not only contributes to reducing transport emissions but also strengthens sustainability in our community.

Pool Cleaning with Salts:

Allergy-Friendly and Eco-Friendly Treatment

Your health and comfort are paramount to us. That's why our "Silversea" pool is treated with salt tablets based on natural chlorine, eliminating the use of synthetic chlorine. This not only provides an allergy-friendly treatment but also contributes to eco-friendly solutions.


Our Team

Training for Highest Hygienic Protection

We believe that every member of our team plays an essential role in your experience. Therefore, all employees receive comprehensive training in hygiene and waste separation. This ensures that every area of the hotel is treated with the utmost care and expertise, providing a safe and hygienically protected environment for all.


Sustainable Cleaning Products for Highest Hygiene

Our dedication to sustainability also extends to cleaning. We exclusively use sustainable and biodegradable products from Hollu, a local company specializing in ecological cleaning solutions. Hollu's products are EU Ecolabel certified. This choice not only guarantees the effectiveness of our cleaning services but also contributes to environmental protection. We opt for reusable containers that are returned to Hollu for refilling, reducing the consumption of disposable packaging and contributing to waste reduction.


Customized and Organic Products for Sustainable Luxury

The soap dispensers you find in the hotel and in your rooms are managed by EcoSource, a leading Swedish company specializing in the production of organic and sustainable products. The packaging of bathroom accessories is made from recycled paper.

Recyclable Packaging

Contributing to the Circular Economy

We place great importance on the use of recyclable packaging materials. Cardboard and glass are our preferred options, as they can be effectively recycled back into the system. By using these materials, we promote the concept of a circular economy and contribute to reducing packaging waste.

Our commitment to a sustainable future does not end here. We actively promote separate waste collection so that each material can be responsibly disposed of. We are aware that every small step counts, and with your support, we can collectively reduce environmental impacts. Proper waste separation is crucial for effective recycling policies. We have established clearly marked recycling stations that are highly visible. This facilitates correct separation for everyone.

We place great importance on the use of recyclable packaging materials. Cardboard and glass are our preferred options, as they can be effectively recycled back into the system. By using these materials, we promote the concept of a circular economy and contribute to reducing packaging waste.

The Sustainable Bar

Local Flavor and Responsible Materials

In our bar, we aim to provide an experience that reflects our values. Drinks are carefully prepared and served in an environmentally conscious manner. We do not use plastic cups or disposable materials. Supporting local businesses is a top priority for us. Our wine list is rich in South Tyrolean premium wines, some of which are organic, offering a selection that reflects the beauty of our region. The organic teas come from the "Lü De Pincia" family's natural garden. The light beer from the "Forst" brewery, which has been active since 1857 in Algund, near Meran, is an example of our commitment to regional excellence.

Goodbye to Plastic

A Step Toward a Better Future

We have adopted a plastic-free policy to reduce our ecological footprint. As guests at Hotel Corona, you will notice that we carefully avoid the use of disposable materials and plastic. From your room to public areas, we strive to create a plastic-free environment, contributing to the protection of our planet.

Learning to Change: Ongoing Education
Waste reduction and proper separation are crucial to our philosophy. Our employees receive clear instructions on how they can actively contribute to reducing our environmental impact.

Employee training does not end upon entering service. We promote a culture of lifelong learning by offering ongoing training opportunities in sustainability. This ensures that our environmental commitment is always based on the latest knowledge.

We are proud to have employees who share our commitment to a better environment. Every step we take together brings us closer to a brighter future centered around sustainability, creating a better world for future generations and our children.

Discrimination, Exploitation, and Harassment
We are against all forms of discrimination, exploitation, and harassment. We reject discrimination in all its forms and aspects, offering everyone the opportunity to explore our region and be welcomed according to our values of sharing and respect for all people.

Every Gesture Counts: A Better World with Contributions from All
We believe that every gesture, whether large or small, makes a difference. Our employees' commitment to sustainability is a tangible contribution to our goal of a healthier environment. This commitment is reflected in daily actions and the results we achieve together.