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How everything began!

The crystals shape our lives

Here at the Hotel of Crystal Hotel Corona, we have personally been enthusiastic about the magic of crystals and gemstones for many years. It all started with a little family story: when our daughter Catarina started teething as an infant, a friend gave us an amber necklace for her...


How it all began

Crystals conquer our lives

Together with the amber necklace, we were told that these stones would make teething much easier for her. We were a bit sceptical at first, but we thought it couldn't hurt and hung the necklace around Catarina's neck. And indeed, to our complete amazement, our child had not the slightest problem getting through this often difficult and painful time.


The world of crystals

A life path

Curious, we began to investigate and learn more about crystals.

Since then we have learned a lot and our experience with the impressive healing power of crystals, which has grown over the years, has had a decisive influence on our lives.


The knowledge about crystals

For your holiday

Here at the Crystal Hotel Corona, we would like to share this knowledge about crystals with our guests. So we have decided to bring this world closer to you too.

Since then, crystals have been watching over the rooms. Gemstones determine the wellness treatments and support the spiritual balance in all areas of the hotel.


The Magic of Crystals

Native mystic

Discover what makes the Crystal Hotel Corona so special. Our hospitality and philosophy, the knowledge of crystals and what positive influences you can enjoy during your holiday at the Kronplatz in the Dolomites.

The magic of crystals