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Messner Mountain Museum

Reinhold Messner, mountaineering legend from South Tyrol, opened two museums in the Bruneck area as part of his museum project: the MMM RIPA in Bruneck and the MMM Corones on the Kronplatz.

Messner's fifth museum, the MMM RIPA at Bruneck Castle, towers over the town and deals with the theme of Man & Mountain. The RIPA is dedicated to the mountain peoples of the world and shows media and exhibits from Messner's numerous expeditions.

The MMM Corones, located on the summit plateau of the Kronplatz at an altitude of 2275 metres, is about traditional alpinism, which and which Reinhold Messner decisively influenced. Not only the unique view of the great walls of the Dolomites and Alps is impressive, but also the distinctive museum building by Zaha Hadid.

Opening hours and further information: www.messner-mountain-museum.it

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